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About Us

Want to know more about what we do? 

Our Story‚Äč

Starshine Healing Arts was founded in 2018 by Louisiana native, mother, and artist Anna LeBlanc. Starting out as a simple curiosity, her journey into the metaphysical and spiritual world brought her profound transformation. Diving into chakras, crystals, and meditation helped her find her passion, and after years of study and practice, she decided to further her work into Kundalini Reiki. She obtained her mastery in Kundalini Reiki and has taught students around the United States. She studied QHHT and is currently working to further her education in the field of hypnosis

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Namaste, with so much love, Starshine Healing Arts.

Our Reiki Practioners

Find a certified Kundalini Reiki practioner near you! 

Anna LeBlanc - Master Level  
Founder and Owner of Starshine Healing Arts

Located in Chauvin, LA 

[email protected]

Long distance and in-person appointments available now

Julianna Congdon - Level Three

Swartz Creek, Michigan

Lauren Green - Level One

Brooksville, Florida

[email protected]

In-person appointments available now

Trey Morgan - Level One

Niles, Michigan 

[email protected]

Julianna Congdon - Level Three

Swartz Creek, Michigan