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Starshine Healing Arts, LLC

Metaphysical Shop, Jewelry, Art, Reiki, Tarot, and More!

About Us

Now offering life coaching, psychic medium channeling, astrology natal chart readings, and classic hypnosis!‚Äč


Starshine Healing Arts offers a wide variety of services - From past life regression sessions to personalized tarot readings. Follow the link below to check out our options!


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Starshine Healing Arts provides a wide variety of metaphysical supplies, crystals, decor and art for your home. Deepen your practice with our divination tools and crystals. Explore the plethora of handcrafted art and decor available online. Browse through our wide selection of jewelry. Click on the link below to view our gallery of handcrafted art and metaphysical tools, made and shipped with love. 

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What's a QHHT Past Life Regression Session?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT, is a hypnosis technique designed by Delores Cannon in the 1960s that allows the client to enter a Somnambulistic trance, something that our bodies do naturally in the moments before falling asleep and in the moments upon awakening. Past lives and karmic bonds and connections are stored in the Akashic records and are made accessible with a QHHT session. Click on the link below to discover more.

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