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Learning to Surrender 

I am learning to embrace the surrender that this journey is requiring of me.

I am becoming more and more okay with both my medicine and myself being misunderstood.

I know that there are people who are mocking me.. teasing me.. laughing at me. Some being my own family and peers. This is heart breaking, but understandable.

As I move through my experience, I will come to a place of acceptance and forgiveness, but for now, I am simply allowing. I’m still deeply troubled by some people’s perception of me - even knowing that I am simply a mirror to them.

I am representing something they can not understand.. something that may even be out of their reach.

It’s easier to call me crazy and simply deny the possibility of what I say.. than to swallow (or even taste) my medicine. And that is okay.

I will continue to fall deeper and deeper into surrender.. In service of the highest good, in service of deliverance, in service of my medicine.

And so it shall be. 

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