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DECEMBER 27, 2022 

I am.

I am grateful.

Grateful for all of the empowered men and women in my life, online and in person.

Grateful for those of you who have taught me about myself, through both acts of kindness and distasteful contrast.

Grateful for the wisdom I have access to.

Grateful for the tribe I’ve created through both love and pain.

Grateful for the lessons that show up in my life.

Grateful for the tough emotions and big feelings that at one point, felt too uncomfortable and scary to face.

Grateful for the times I ran away from myself, from my pain.. always finding myself at dead ends.

Grateful for the bravery I had to immerse myself fully in my mourning, in my sadness, in my pain..

Grateful that I had the tools and capacity to hold space for myself for that journey, and to not get too lost in the darkness.

Grateful for the helping hands along the way.

Grateful for the tender touches and sweet kisses given to me from lovers since..

Grateful for the gentleness and softness provided to me.. it’s something I had been starving for.

Grateful for the shifts in perspectives - towards a more understanding and compassionate self.

Grateful for the love I’ve given away - even the love that was taken without reciprocation. I had enough to go around at the time.

Grateful that I’m unfolding deeper and deeper layers of myself, through pain. Through passion. Through pleasure. Through my heart breaking and opening and breaking and opening.

Grateful to be able to let go of what is not mine, to fall more in alignment with what is.

Grateful to feel empowered enough to walk away and enjoy my life. To not take things so personally.

Grateful for my undeniable strength. Its been forged in the fires of my life’s agony.

Grateful that I actually enjoy life.

Grateful for the new places and spaces I get to explore.

Grateful for my children.

Grateful for the breath in my healthy body.

I am.

I am grateful.

I am grateful to be alive..

..whatever that might look like.