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Free Natal Chart Report

Sun Sign: 

Your sun sign represents your identity. This is an energy that is constant through the highs and lows of life. The sun sign is what is shown to the world.

Moon Sign: 

Your moon sign represents emotion and can show us who we are on the inside. This sign also points to shadow or subconscious aspects of ourselves that we usually keep hidden. Your moon sign shows you how to best nurture yourself in times of rejuvenation. 

Ascendant/Rising Sign: 

This is the sign that you present to the world. The ascendant sign is the sign that was on the horizon at the time of one's birth. Many people notice the rising sign before the sun sign upon meeting. 


This is the planet of communication, logic, messages, and information. The placement of this planet can show us how we exchange information, analyze details and logic, and process communications - both internal and external. 

Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and aesthetics. The placement of this planet can show us how we behave in relationships, the material beauty we surround ourselves with, and where our values are in relation to partnership and possessions. This placement can show us where we are blessed and may attract abundance into our lives.


This planetary placement represents how we process and express anger. It can show us where and how we set boundaries, how we go about taking action, and our overall drive. Mars is the planet of passion, sex, anger, war, and assertion. 


This is a planet of luck, abundance and success. This placement can show you where you are most likely to come out on top, where you are blessed, and where you may unconsciously (or consciously) experience expansion. 

This is a karmic planet - very serious and intense. Saturn may show us our limitation, restrictions, and/or important life lessons. Saturn can, but not always, point to a struggle in our lives or show us where we may restrict our own natural rhythm and flow.






North/South Node: