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I’ve intentionally been working through my power centers, and now I can not stand having conversations with people who power grab.

I also cringe a little at past me doing it. 😅

And it’s funny moving back to my hometown - recognizing how small people actually feel here. How angry they are. How hard they try.

Everything is a competition.

Everyone is competing.

I talk about the “sisterhood wound” bc .. it’s almost like we are all fighting for mommy and daddy’s love, right?

We are all fighting for recognition, for power, for love and togetherness.

We allow our woundings and egos get in the way of simple connections. We allow our woundings to get in the way of really seeing and feeling and understanding each other. We alllow our woundings to get in the way of us allowing ourselves to be nourished.. whether that be by allowing help in, allowing your body to recieve healthy foods, allowing yourself to be nourished by interesting conversations, allowing others and yourslef to be open and vulnerable..

So much of our personalities are freaking TRAUMA. Thats why I'm so picky with where I am and I'm who im around.. with who I speak to. Its not a personal thing, its just difficult to connect on a deep level with people who cant connect to themselves.

I try to be mindful with where I share my energy.. having a clear power center makes it to where interacting with people who do not.. becomes even more draining than it was before.

I gave someone some information, relative to a topic I know a lot about - and the conversation immediately shifted to a power grab, then to them being immensely offended by something that went over their head. 🤯 My energy was not appreciated - it was challenged! And SO MANY PEOPLE do this to me.

So many people. Every single day.

I almost want to go backwards to a time where I *wasn’t* consciously aware of it. At least then I could get lost in the sauce of blissful ignorance. #overit

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